ICYMI 08.11.2015


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Half-Truths Mask Reality Of Charter Accountability http://bit.ly/1hl7PNM

[My Child My Choice]
Charter School Spotlight: KIPP New Jersey http://bit.ly/1JLNz2V

[Education Watchdog]
Charter Schools Could Be The Answer To Universal Preschool Programs, Experts Say http://bit.ly/1HBqKsx

[Los-Angeles Times]
Major Charter School Expansion In The Works For L.A. Unified Students http://lat.ms/1gVCGkd

[Massachusetts Live]
Ballot Initiative Would Grow Charter Schools In Massachusetts http://bit.ly/1gsGzMv

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Then And Now: Innovation At The Core Of The Charter Movement http://huff.to/1KSGCvA

[The Journal-Gazette]
Grants, Loans For Charter Schools http://bit.ly/1OT1ovK

[Education Post]
Poverty Matters, But It's Not Destiny http://bit.ly/1Tlseya