Standing Up for Newark’s Charter Schools

Public charter schools are playing an important role in solving the City of Newark’s historical educational challenges. Recent reports by Newark Public Schools and CREDO/Stanford make clear that Newark’s public charter schools are producing significant achievement gains for students.

Charter schools improve education by giving parents more choices and offering students more creative approaches to learning. In the 2014-2015 school year, more than 13,000 students are receiving a free, high-quality education in a safe place through one of Newark’s 20 public charter schools.

In spite of this progress, public charter schools are under attack. There are efforts underway in Newark and Trenton to stop the growth of the sector within the city. If successful, these efforts would refuse access to some of our greatest educational resources for more than 2,000 students.

#MyChildMyChoiceNwk represents the collective interests of students, parents, charter schools and supporting organizations that share the same goal of changing the narrative around charters to focus on what’s working to raise student outcomes and provide brighter futures to Newark’s public school children.

Through #MyChildMyChoiceNwk we are raising our collective voice against the commonly-held myths about charter schools by sharing real stories about the impact of Newark’s charter sector in our community.

We are celebrating the fact that charter schools serve all students, including those with the highest need.

We are proclaiming that charter schools hire quality teachers who are committed to their students’ success.

We are demanding that charter schools have equal access to school facilities so they can serve students well.